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Fri, May 14, 2021 9:50 AM


Keyboard shortcuts

Dear Adobe,

I know the french keyboard layout is a mess, it defies any logic (as the french langage of course) but please can you help us people who use a french keyboard layout to correctly manage the photoshop shortcuts ?

I can't use the clone stamp rotation shortcut : SHIFT < or >
I can't use the select channel mask shortcut : CTRL + \
I can associate the %ù and *µ  and ^¨ keys but they don't respond.

More globally and not only in french : 

I would like to create a shortcut without being forced to add a CTRL key to it. When a piano player needs to play an F, nobody asks him to press CTRL+F instead.

Why can't I choose another key than the Function Keys for my actions ?
Why are the channels shortcuts reserved ?
Why are there reserved shortcuts ?
Why can't I associate the numpad keys to any option I would like ?
Why can't I associate PgUp and Pgdown with the timeline playhead mouvement (like in after effects or animate). Instead it scrolls up and down the view, like a word document but I don't think it is useful when working with images.
Why can't I use the middle mouse button to pan like in many other graphic software ?
And many others ergonomics flaws...

That was the lamentation of a shortcut lover, a lonely cry in the dark.

Thank you for listening to it !

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