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Fri, May 1, 2020 10:26 AM

layer group dropdown button is harder to click in latest photoshop 21.1.2

In the latest versions of photoshop I find it very hard to click the layer group dropdown button. Some times I have to click it 10-15 times before it reacts, with a tablet that is. With a mouse it works. I have made sure that the cursor is in the middle of the icon when I click and still often it does not react. I have tested to see if my tablet is working properly in this area, but it always react to my click in the wacom app - so it seems that there's a problem with this button and a tablet in Photoshop. I'm on version 21.1.2 - Could be because of WinInk, since that was a change required in the latest photoshop? Please help!
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