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Wed, Aug 18, 2021 3:12 PM


Let user change custom workspace save location

I've almost given up on making my own custom workspaces in Adobe products because every other time they update the software, the couple workspaces that I made are just plain gone. 

Let me save them to oneDrive(or google drive if that's what you use. just not Adobe Creative Cloud because their cloud storage has issues) instead, so I can keep a backup AND I can easily share the workspace I made with a coworker. 

If you're not going to a Least let us do that, could you Please save them to the cloud so there is a backup? Sometimes, oops, I've changed the workspace somehow. And by Somehow I mean I opened photoshop at home on a single 4K monitor, but last had it open on dual 1K monitors at work, and that messes up your workspace. I'd like to just revert back to what it was previously. I'd also like it to be smart enough to know that if use one workspace on just my laptop, then a different workspace if I'm using dual monitors, and a different workspace for my bigger 4K monitor then the next time I open photoshop and it detects that, it would resume with That workspace, rather than the last workspace that I was using. But I know, asking Adobe to do something that makes your life easier, if they can't market it as a machine learning advanced AI feature, then it's like pulling teeth to get anyone interested unless they can charge boat loads of money for it. 

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