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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 12:07 AM


Lightroom 10.0 Keyboard shortcuts changed

On windows 10.0.18363. My keyboard shortcuts have changed and it is totally FCUKING my workflow @adobe! crt + shift + s for example : Instead of syncing settings it is trying to save the images to burn to DVD/CD resetting all of my export settings. WTFFF Adobe if you're going to change keyboard short cut settings make it easy for us to change it back with some kind of interface similar to premiere after using it for years . If this isn't fixed I'll take my business elsewhere.

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7 m ago

It seems to only happen sometimes.
Try closing then re-opening.

Ctrl+Shift+S : all of a sudden would Export images (instead of Sync Dev settings)
CLosed Lightroom, re-opened : and it was ok again

(I am on 10.3)