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Tue, Aug 30, 2011 6:50 AM


Linux OS

I would like to Request support for Linux OS.

I love Photoshop, one of my favorite Software, but i really loath Windows with it's lack of Security, The minimal requirement for Windows OS keep getting higher and higher and that means i have to keep pushing more and more money onto my computer every few years, And the OS it's self every few year.
Linux i don't have to pay a dime, it's proformance is 2X better than that of windows OS. It's security is 2X better than Windows, And i don't have upgrade my computer every few years to meet the minimal Requirement to run the OS it's self
Plus, Many big companys are switching from Window to Linux. Like IBM for example, They invested BILLIONS into Linux, and have hired over 300 Linux Kernal developers, And considering the relationship with Photoshop and the video game, Movie or just the entertainment industry in general. it would be a good idea to support Linux for Photoshop.

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10 y ago

A long-standing request, but prepare to be disappointed.
Adobe has not considered the port economically viable so far it seems.