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Tue, May 25, 2021 6:14 AM


Mac reboots if Photoshop is loaded

My MacBook Pro (2019, 64 GB RAM) randomly crashes and restarts since updating to MacOS 11.3.1. It’s happened enough times that I’ve finally been able to determine that it only happens after I’ve opened Photoshop. Without Photoshop loaded, I can work all day without a problem; with Photoshop loaded, I can work for a few minutes, and maybe up to an hour, before my fan accelerates for a second or so (much faster than normal) and the computer crashes then restarts. I don’t need to be in Photoshop at the time—it just needs to be open. At least one time I’d opened Photoshop earlier, then closed it, only to have the computer crash/restart a few minutes later. I’m on Photoshop 22.4.1, but I’ve updated Photoshop at least twice since the problem started. Anyone else experiencing anything similar, or have any ideas?

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