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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 4:01 AM


Old, unfixed UI issues; please address and fix!

Two years ago, I was told this was being addressed.  Pardon the kicks to the dead horse, but someone blew smoke where the sun don't shine, so I'm reposting this.  


When attempting to use most filters and some other processes/functions in Photoshop 2020 and 2021, the UI is just too small.  Take, for example, Lens Flare.  I wanted to throw some fun effects into an image.  But when the prompt opens, it's a tiny little popup in the middle of the display, so small that I cannot accurately place the flare where I want it as I can't move the flare in small enough increments.  This occurs when control + scrolling to zoom the display in as well as working at standard magnification.  That I know of, there is NO way to scale up these things.

Come on, guys.  Get it together.  Little things like this should've been addressed months if not years ago

Increasing UI font size and scaling UI to font has ZERO effect on the issue cited for this post.  Reducing screen resolution is not an option, so please don't suggest it: I'm too young to be running at 1024x768 on a 27" 5k display.  

I'm running the newest version of MacOS on my iMac 27" with an I7 quad-core 4.2ghz, 64gb of 2666mhz RAM, 16gb of video, and a huge mostly empty internal SSD.  So, there is no way performance is an issue either. 

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1 y ago

Are you referring to the UI or the size of the preview in Lens Flare? Do you have the thread you're referring to? I know if no work being done on legacy filters.