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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 3:14 PM

Option to Lock Brush Opacity when using "CRTL+ALT+left click" -shortcut !

When I'm paint with Photoshop I use "CRTL+ALT+left click - drag left right" shortcut to adjust the size of the Brush. I never (or very very rarely) touch to the Opacity adjustment. I try to keep it in 100%.

But when using "CRTL+ALT+left click- shortcut" it is very easy to accidentally move your cursor a tiny bit upwards and degrease Opacity to 98% or 99%. This is very annoying, especially when using eraser. 

We need option to lock opacity. Or disable Opacity control with CRTL+ALT+left click" -shortcut.    

There are several request for this option in this forum. This shouldn't be very hard to implement.     

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