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Tue, Apr 21, 2020 5:23 PM

Painting Bug in the Most Recent Two Updates of Photoshop

Hey, didn't see another way to directly report a bug on Photoshop, so I'm posting here.
Just bringing up an issue I'm having that's making it practically impossible to work.

While painting with the Brush tool in the new updates, about 1/10 tight brush strokes will seem to suddenly lose pressure sensitivity and be the thickest flattest version of the stroke (this will also happen when not painting strokes in tight consecutive motions, it just seems more pronounced when painting that way). When writing text (like hand lettering) I'll often see tendrils of strokes leading back to the previous strokes, on top of this weird stroke thickness problem. 
This seemingly sudden drops in pressure problem also seems to be happening with the Eraser as well. 
I did some checking, and clarified it's definitely a Photoshop updates only problem, as Corel Painter works fine, and the earlier updates of PS don't show this problem. 

I'd really appreciate a fix as I like using the newest updates of the product, and currently I'm using 21.1 as it's the most recent without this problem. 



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1 y ago

I have this same issue, I rolled back to version 21.1.0  this version still has its issues, but at least its letting me paint, all recent updates have been marred with usability problems, I hope they find a way to resolve this, I dont think I will update for the rest of the year, so when I do update hopefully things are more stable,  to be honest, Im a bit tired of rolling back and forth in between versions right now.