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Fri, Apr 24, 2020 11:28 PM

Path and direct selection tools stop working after editing text

Repro steps:
1) Create a document with 2 layers: a Rectangle path layer and a Text area layer.
2) Add text to the text layer. Change its size, edit the text.
3) Switch to the Path layer and try and edit it with either path or direct selection tool.

Expected result: path object will be selectable.
Actual result: user cannot select the path object and manipulate points.

Is not 100% reproduce-able. Will try more closely identify the repro steps, but I find this happening quite often.




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1 y ago

I cannot reproduce the issue. 
Can you post screenshots including the pertinent Panels (Toolbar, Layers, Paths, Options Bar, ...)? 

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3 m ago

This looks really similar to an issue im having as well, however only recently