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Sun, Nov 17, 2019 4:47 PM

Photoshop 21.x: I am having an issue 3d extrusion of text

Extruded Test shows up black in Photoshop 21.0.1. I made a short video of the problem here.



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2 y ago

Thank you for reporting the issue, it looks as if the Lighting is not on.

  • A workaround might be to simply toggle the 3D Layer On/Off to see if that forces the Layer to re-render. If that does work then it gives us a bread crumb to what might be happening on 3D text generation.
  • Another check would be to change lights > click in the Scene Panel on the Infinite Light and change it to another light Preset.
  • One more idea > > click in the Scene Panel on Environment Light and increase the intensity > does that reveal the correct text colors?