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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 10:45 PM

Photoshop: Ability to apply filters without any dialog windows (using the last used settings)

If one uses the last used filter via the filter menu or the short-cut Command+F no dialog window appears – which enables very fast workflows. In case you do want to see the window you can use the alt key when clicking on the last used filter (or use Alt+Command+F).

What I propose here is basically the opposite but for all the regular filter entries in the filter menu. That is, when you simply click on of the filters, they should behave like they currently do, which is open the dialog window. But when you click with the alt key pressed (or any other modifier key) no dialog window appears and the filter is just applied with the last settings used.

Why this would be useful: 
It actually happens quite often that I use 2 or 3 filters in quick succession to create a specific effect. I know I could record an action and see no windows. But most of the time these filter combinations aren’t globally useful. They are specific to the project or the current document. And recording an action is not really efficient it that case.

This would be especially useful for filters like lens blur or the filter gallery. Because with big documents these windows take a bit to open. And in a lot of cases I don’t need them, because I use the last settings anyways. It's just a little change (at least from a users point of view) but would increase my productivity and enable a much smoother workflow.

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