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Fri, Apr 25, 2014 9:59 PM

Photoshop: After switching from Wacom tablet to mouse, every click on canvas area gets lag (latest CC & CS6) on Win 7/8

In Photoshop CC and CS6 (only if latest update has been applied, apparently), mouse clicks on the canvas area (*not in menus or palettes*) are lagged after using a Wacom tablet. Detailed explanation:

• When starting Photoshop, mouse works okay. Then, if I switch to my Intuos Pro (latest drivers), everything is fine too.
• But here comes the problem: when I switch back to the mouse, the very first mouse click (after switching from tablet) is NOT lagged, but the rest from then on, ARE.
• If the switch from tablet to mouse is done very quickly (clicking on canvas or ruler area with the pen while swiftly clicking with the mouse), then the lag does not happen.
• Closing Photoshop and re-opening it gets rid of the lag, until the tablet is used (then the problem starts again when switching to the mouse).

This problem has been debated here:
It has also been repeteadly reported to Wacom, who have not acknowledged or denied the problem:
User pinkbunkadoo posted a 15 sec video demonstrating the problem:

While the knowledgeable Chris Cox suggested that this seems a driver issue, we (the affected users) still believe that something changed in the latest Photoshop versions that brought up this problem, since it does not happen at all with CS6, CS5, etc. (although CS6 with latest updates seems to have the problem too). It doesn't happen either with a couple other pressure-sensitive design programs I've tried (ArtRage and SmoothDraw).

I've been able to reproduce this problem in all the machines I've tried it on (Win 7 and Win 8 systems), which do not seem to share any particular software or hardware that suggests a pattern. I've tried reinstalling the OS twice to no avail. My main machine is Win 8.1 x64, i7 930@2.8, 20 MB RAM, gfx card ATI Radeon HD 6800 series, and using Photoshop CC latest version (14.2.1).

This bug is extremely annoying for people like me that switch a lot between mouse and pen (I use mouse with my right hand, for menus, marquee selections, paths, etc., and the pen with my left hand to draw with brush tools). I'm more than willing to provide any additional info, should Adobe staff be kind enough to look into this or at least try to reproduce this issue. Thanks.

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1 y ago

I own a XP-Pen Deco Pro : tablet but it only makes sense to me if I'm "painting" on edits or something similar.  Once I got used to the way it handles, it completely changed my workflow. I find that I can do everything quicker, and with less strain, than with a mouse. Even if I don't always use the pressure-sensitivity options (which are a HUGE help in retouching photos), it's nice to have such direct control of the tools. The only time it becomes tricky for me is when I'm working with fine-tuning paths in PS or Illustrator. Because the stylus hovers over the surface of the tablet, it sometimes changes locations when I lower to "click" on the anchor point, so it sometimes is not as precise as using a mouse. I highly recommend one. I also agree that you should get the largest size you can afford.