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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 8:56 AM


Photoshop: Better displacement mapping

Please, instead of wasting time and effort on neural filters and sky replacement, expend energy making what photoshop can already do much better. Something I would LOVE to see is displacement mapping implemented as it is in the moving image apps - ie use another layer in the document as the basis for a displacement rather than having to save out a map to the hard drive. Better still make this live so that as you moved one or other of the two layers involved, the distortion moves accordingly.

Second, work on better options for some of the creative blur filters - I'm thinking of spin blur which only allows the blur to be implemented inside of a radius - pretty much only useful to make car wheels look like they're spinning. It would be great to have the option to protect the centre and spin outside of a radius with a nice soft transition into a sharp centre. So you take the radial blur from the regular menu, which currently has never been updated and has no really useful parameters and you combine it with iris blur from the blur gallery - essentially  - add spin and zoom options to iris blur. Right now I use Nik collection for all this because the photoshop blurs are mostly pretty dysfunctional with the exception of path and lens blur and maybe field.

Third - use the range mapping preview options from CR and lightroom in the photshop Blend-if menu - its really good to see clearly what is being revealed.

Fourth - import the auto mask brush tool in lightroom to be able to make selections - once brushing is finished (as done in lightroom) you could then make or save a selection - this would be better than the horrible 'jumping' of the object select algorithm which seems to miss even the most obvious of edges and inside corners.

I am more or less totally disinterested in AI filters. As a lifelong artist illustrator and photographer who has used photoshop since the mid 90's I very much want to keep all the decision making in my hands - nothing I have seen has piqued my interest, seems mostly badly implemented and rather hack results. Work with your model to make them smile or frown! - not horribly unrealistic cartoonesque filters!


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1 y ago

I love your thoughts about the displacement filter. It should really be updated.

But in order to improve the chances that these requests get some attention, you should post all of them as individual "ideas". I know it's tedious, but that's just the way it works here ...