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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 7:33 PM


Photoshop: Can't use mouse button as shortcut anymore?

Before I updated to the latest version of Photoshop, I was able to add a mouse key as a shortcut, it was extremely useful because I'm left handed writing (i use a tablet) and it made workflow much better being able to undo with mouse in right hand without having to move my pen hand every time I want to undo. Now when I try to add the shortcut, it doesn't do anything, as if it stopped allowing mouse buttons to be used as shortcuts. Do not give me alternatives, because I've used those alternatives, and the method I had the previous update works best for me, if I had it before, I should be able to have it again. I hate using the wacom tablet for shortcuts, I don't want to assign a hotkey to the mouse itself because it messes me up when using other programs or games, I want it to be only in photoshop like I had it before. I've tried searching around on the internet, which returned few to no results related to my issue. The only thing I found worth looking into was changing keyboard settings in windows but that did not work. Please help



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1 y ago

How have you assigned the Undo shortcut to a mouse button? Via the OS or within PS or combo of both?  (post screenshots if possible - very helpful).  Thanks!