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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 2:36 PM


Photoshop: Can't use the not-legacy free transform

Photoshop 22.0.1 on Mac

About the problem

When I got used to using the not-legacy free transform, this new 22.0.1 update brought the legacy one back and I can't disable it.

- Already toggled that "Use Legacy Free Transform" checkbox on and off.

- Restarted the app several times.

- Restarted the computer.

About the feature

When this feature were released was terrible for it has changed the way we all used free transform, but when I got used to using it, it was wonderful since it reduced considerably the effort of pressing shift every single time. I noticed I use the proportional free transform way more than the not-proportional.

Accepted Solution

Official Solution

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1 y ago

Uncheck "Use Legacy Free Transform" in Preferences and make sure the Proportional Link icon is engaged when you're in transform mode.


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That was it. Didn't notice this icon wasn't toggled on.

Thanks Jeffrey!

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@JeffreyTranberry Wow thanks for this answer. I thought there was a bug of some sort. I actually prefer the not-legacy free transform now