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Fri, Oct 18, 2013 11:13 PM


Photoshop CC: "Proof colors" turning off unexpectedly?

It happened with cs6, I bet it hapened with CS5 (I don't remember noticing it suddenly appearing with CS6, so either the problem comes from many versions ago, or it's just I don't work with print as much as I used)

"Proof Colors" is checkmarked, "Proof setup" shows "Working CMYK" checkmarked, and after hours working on a document, my print expert inside (back since 1992) tells me: "Hey, those blues are too blue", for example.

So I re-select "Working CMYK" and THE COLOR &^$%##@!! CHANGES!

Today, AGAIN, I've been working for hours adjusting for the WRONG colors!

I didn't even have to select "Monitor RGB" and back to "Working CMYK" for it to change. If I did it could be difficult to spot the change.

The right Proof method (Working CMYK) is SELECTED but NOT WORKING.

Is this gonna be fixed ANYTIME soon?

PS: Please don't try to find fault in my color management.
That option should work as expected. Period.

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8 y ago

We haven't heard of such a problem from anyone else, including people who work with proofing always enabled. If such a problem was widespread, we would have heard about it before now.

So, I think you might wan to check on your work habits, flash panels, third party plugins, etc.