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Tue, May 13, 2014 4:22 PM


PHOTOSHOP CC: Weird Layer Duplication Error when using Dual monitors and at least two active files.

I have dual monitors and whenever I try to copy/duplicate a layer in a file residing on the secondary monitor (seems to happen when using the option + Drag method), Photoshop automatically switches to the primary monitor if there is a file open there and says "cannot complete due to a program error" and then stays in the active file on the primary screen. Switching back to the secondary monitor I can see that the action hasn't been completed. The same thing often happens when trying to drag a layer from an open file on the secondary monitor to an open file on the primary monitor. It does a quick switch from secondary to primary and gives an error. Extremely annoying. Latest version of pretty much everything. Photoshop CC on a Mac with the latest version of Mavericks.
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