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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 4:49 PM



Photoshop: Changing Neural Filter by script not working/refreshing

Creating a script for applying Neural Filters. But I want to use parameters in code.

It works fine if I create an Action. I can convert the Action to javascript. Runs generated script and runs fine.

It works fine if I use the scriptlistener. Runs generated script and runs fine.

If I change the scripts at the obvious parameters, Age, Style brush size it does not refresh with the different parameters. In fact it uses the original script ones. However if I open the neural filter, the changed parameters are there and it refreshs and I press OK, then fine.

Thing is, comparing the generated scripts when just one parameter, say Age has changed, there is a difference in a hextobin unintelligible code, some random numbers, as well as the obvious variable.

So if the answer is obvious sorry, this is my first PS script (I do code AE).

App.refresh(); didn't force the filter to refresh, is there another way?

Any thoughts and thanks.

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Thanks. I've asked engineering to investigate.