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Wed, May 26, 2021 6:54 AM


Photoshop Content aware crop fails since 2019


I recently updated my Photoshop CC from version 21.0.2 to version 22.4. In this version content aware crop no longer functions the way it should. If you rotate and wish to content aware crop bottom and right edges it does not fill the bottom edge. Odly if you wish to fill all 4 edges (left, top, right and bottom) it does work. It also works if you do not rotate. This clearly is bug and it needs to be fixed.

I tried all the old versions of Photoshop available in Creative Cloud but all these versions have this problem. Unfortunatly my old 2019 version is no longer available for installation in creative cloud.

Please take the time to test this and fix this bug! The image I crop is 4000x6000px 300px/inch.

I use Windows 10 Pro.

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