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Fri, Jun 26, 2015 2:17 PM


Photoshop: Creative Cloud Libraries should have Sub Folders

Please guys can u add a folder possibility to the libraries panel. Its really disgusting not be able to organize my ~200 Assets... :/

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5 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Creative Cloud Libraries should have Sub Folders.

This isn't specifically a photoshop suggestion, but since there isn't a feedback section for Creative Cloud in general, this will have to do...

It would be extremely helpful to my workflow (and I'm sure a lot of other people's as well) if Libraries could have sub folders :)

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5 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: CC Library assets folders/sub libraries.

On certain projects/clients the asset library can get quite big. Please add a posibility to structure and organize big libraries better, like folders or sub-libraries.

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5 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Libraries: Folder Heirachies.

I love the libraries in adobe. I use them everyday, and they have helped automate a lot of my job. Because I utilize this tool so often, I have found a need for folder hierarchies in the CC libraries.

My company has recently switched to these libraries as a quick way for any of our 20+ users to access company assets. We are a clothing manufacturer, and find the libraries to be useful to hold our Model imagery of each one of our garments that come in a variety of colors. We are also an embroidery house, and have licenses for 1000's of schools and pro teams. So we have libraries for these assets as well. Currently we are having to scroll through libraries that have a mixture of these garments and logo sub libraries. Now that we have entered the majority of our products, it is quickly becoming a challenge to move through the assets to find what we need. Is there an addition of Folder hierarchies coming to adobe, or can you suggest a different program that can help us stay organized while still utilizing the adobe libraries?

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5 y ago

Libraries play a vital role in photoshop but there is a major issue with Photoshop libraries not loading in some of the machines. I also have the same issue with creative cloud libraries. I think there is an another feedback site for creative cloud libraries to share problems regarding photoshop libraries. 

Thank You

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4 y ago

I'm so HERE for the hierarchy! :-)

I feel like I need this feature more than anything right now! Since I do work from a lot of different locations, I have begun to rely on libraries to minimize my need to cart around tons of hard drives. It also seems to help me not make a bajillion versions of things. 

1. TAGGING COLLECTIONS - Specifically, I would like the ability to TAG each library. Right now, I work for a large company that has multiple libraries for specific projects, products, and assets. I'm relying on naming schemes to try and make them order neatly, but it's still a lot to scroll through! For my freelance account, I'd love to have the option to tag according to client or client type.

2. FOLDERS INSIDE LIBRARIES - This could be really helpful for product launches and subdividing long asset libraries. Right now, I do love that you can collapse the accordions inside for different asset types (Brushes, Styles, Color, Graphics), but it would be so helpful to be able to give certain things their own folders. For example, in a master brand assets library I could further divide "graphics" into folders for logos, ribbons, flags, textures, patterns, dividers, etc. (We have a LOT of variations.) For the libraries focusing on products, I could make folders for each subsequent release. Or better yet, since we have so many products, I could make one giant product library and make folders for each product type. You see my pattern here.

Right now, I LOVE the libraries. People seem to be using the assets more since we began creating them. I'm just completely bowled over by my need to organize a constantly changing landscape and I need more hierarchy and tagging options to keep everything in line. For those of us that manage multiple similar collections (I keep duplicates as "master" backups), the scrolling I have to do is just getting to be too much!