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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 12:11 AM


Photoshop: Crop guideline and selection suggestion

Not a huge fan of the newer cropping method, but getting used to it. However, Photoshop currently flips from the edge controls to a more conventional/classical crop tool by itself sometimes. So two ideas here: 1) Let us press "c" again (or quickly twice in a row) to toggle between the newer and the older style; then 2) in the older style, let us use a modifier key (option or a combo of control, command, shift) to display a temporary vertical and horizontal guide from the cursor point so we can see where the crop will land along the edges of the image. (We didn't have this in the olden days, but now that you've got us used to seeing how things crop with the newer method, it would be good to have some way of visualizing crops with the classic tool.)

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1 y ago

The 'flipping to classic' could be you hitting 'p' with the crop tool active; that'll switch the crop tool to "Use Classic Mode".


So P might be the toggle you're looking for after all!  :)


I like the idea of the line to help guide your crop, which you could approximate by showing the ruler, and dragging a guide onto the image, which then would work with either crop tool.