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Fri, Jan 2, 2015 5:00 AM


Photoshop CS2: Brush Lag

Thank you for wasting my time with having to recreate the same exact freaking thread for NO REASON whatsoever because someone wanted to be frelling lazy or something.

So here's a copy/paste so I don't have to waste that much more of my time.

From my original thread WITH TEN OUT OF TWELVE TAGS BEING ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN REGISTRATION. And this will have the same frelling ten tags out of twelve save one for "smudge brush".


So, I did use the search function to look for some resolutions to these issues, but even Google, Yahoo Answers, and here was unable to help me. And I've been looking off and on for the past month or so.

The other issue I'm running into is that when I use larger brushes on a larger canvass (larger canvass being ~2650x2650 and larger brush being the size of a dime to a quarter), the entire program has to process what I'm wanting to do if I move too quickly. If I move super slow, almost exaggeratedly so, then it doesn't take a while. I also have the issue of lag with Smudging. I currently have a 6-layer image, four colors and it's just blobs of pink (I'm trying to draw a Ditto), and when I try to smudge together two shades of pink, even with a 41px brush on a 2650x2650 canvass, it takes forever. My CPU doesn't spike, my memory doesn't freak out at all, it just takes ages for it to process what I'm trying to do.

I'm running Win8.1 and using a Monoprice tablet monitor as a dual-screen setup. My memory settings for CS2 are set to 6 cache levels and a max of 80% of RAM to be used, 2228MB//~2GB.

When I open task manager to keep an eye on my memory and CPU, it doesn't budge. Nothing spikes or otherwise raises more 5MB with any of my processes.

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CS2 is over 10 years old and was not designed nor tested to work on Windows 8. It doesn't have any GPU acceleration like modern versions of Photoshop.