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Tue, May 31, 2011 6:49 PM

Photoshop: Customize ALT Commands

My name is Christina. I am a professional photo editor, and use Photoshop daily. There is one thing that drives me completely nuts, and from what I can tell, can not currently be customized. I'm constantly using the brush tool, and work very quickly. I usually have my left pinky finger positioned over the "ALT" key, and my left middle finger positioned over the "[" and "]" keys. I quickly push the "ALT" key to sample, and then sometimes too quickly use the "[" keys to resize my brish. I don't like the holding down "ALT" key and using the right button to resize the brush option. And I did as much digging as I could to find a way to deactivate the "ALT+]" shortcut which switches the working layer to the one below or above. I accidentally switch layers about 50 times a day. PLEASE PLEASE could you make an option to deactivate ALT commands??




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10 y ago

Cassidy, indeed, if a function that has a shortcut assigned does not have a corresponding menu entry, or a panel menu entry, its shortcut cannot be modified. It would be useful to be able to customize all attributed shortcuts, even for "menu-less" entries.

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10 y ago

I would also suggest switching to the alt+ctrl+drag method of resizing your brush. If you're using a graphics tablet–like a Wacom tablet–you can program the buttons on the pen or tablet to execute these functions for you, eliminating the likelihood of mistakes.