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Tue, Jan 6, 2015 4:56 PM


Photoshop: error alerts: Add option to switch mode with Spot Healing Brush - and other- dialog boxes


When using the Spot Healing Brush, if you think you are actually in Healing Brush mode (rather than *Spot* Healing Brush) and option click, then you get a dialog box which tells you: "The Spot Healing Brush Tool automatically samples pixels to correct a spot with one step. To manually set the source, use the Healing Brush Tool."

Rather than just giving this message, the dialog box could also have a button which, if pressed, changes the mode to the Healing Brush. This is probably what the user wanted anyway, & would save a considerable amount of time rather than dismissing the dialog box & then having to change mode in the long winded way we currently have to.

For someone who changes mode quite frequently (as I do) this could save a lot of time.

Similar corrective buttons could be added to many other dialog boxes to speed up workflow (especially where it is obvious that the other mode is probably what the user wanted to use).

Whaddya reckon??!!!


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7 y ago


Actually, why not introduce a system which means that option-clicking automatically changes the mode to Healing Brush Tool (from Spot Healing Brush)?! This could be accompanied by a dialog box which could henceforth be dismissed by the user in the 'don't show me this again' format. Similarly, non-option clicking (when addressing an image for the first time) when in Healing Brush mode could transfer back to Spot Healing Brush Tool.

This would eliminate the need for a dialog box at all (after the first time).

I accept that some users may not be sure which mode they are in once this had been done, but for the pro user who dismissed the dialog box, he would be able to speed up his/her process (at the cost of having to be alert to which mode he/she is in).

Save a lot of time, eh?