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Wed, May 14, 2014 1:55 AM


PHOTOSHOP Free Transform can temporarily make huge images as you type in parameters

When using the move tool's toolbar to change the size of an element, it is possible to hang the system and burn vast amounts of scratch disk space with a simple typo.

The problem comes when I enter 3600 in this field (intending to enter px after it) and have not already deleted the default % unit. As I type 3600, Photoshop attempts to make my image 3600% rather than 3600px. As Photoshop does this on the fly as I type rather then hit I hit enter, this causes Photoshop to hang. This evening, Photoshop got through 72 gigabytes of scratch disk in moments (it's an SSD) due to this issue.

It's so easily done and can be very frustrating.
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