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Sat, Feb 9, 2013 1:28 PM


Photoshop: Hide extraneous layer group names in Move tool right click list

In order to quickly find and select a particular layer, I frequently use the feature where, while using the move tool (and also while pressing the ctrl key while using most tools), you right click over the canvas to bring up a list of the layers that contain an at least partially opaque pixel at the point the mouse cursor is currently above.

I enjoy the feature but it's not as fast or easy to use as it could be. The problem is that although the layers are nicely listed in the order which they appear in the layers palette, the list also contains the names of every non-hidden group in the document, including ones that don't contain any layers that have pixels under the mouse cursor. This makes finding the actual layers that have pixels under the cursor more difficult since sometimes those layers are buried between many extraneous group names. It gets especially bad when there are a lot of groups in the document.

I think an improvement to the feature would be to remove the extra group names from the list (i.e. only list the layers that have pixels under the mouse cursor) or color the groups differently (possibly the text background or the text itself) or make the text bold or italicized so that it is easier and faster to tell which items in the list are actual layers with pixels under the mouse. Thanks!

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Ya... That's Right



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It makes even more sense now that we can use the groups as clipping masks, or a CM targets, and that they can have styles, IE they are aware of the area they cover.

The contextual of the move tool should only list layers having data located under the cursor.

On a related note, I posted this one:

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6 y ago

+1 - This drives me crazy. I've been naming my groups in all caps and my layers in lowercase which makes it a little easier to find the layers I want among a sea of group names. But still, they need to fix this.