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Thu, Jul 31, 2014 6:10 PM



Photoshop: Highlight first value field when creating new Adjustment Layer for easier keyboard use

The non-modal properties panel is great in some ways, but it needs extra clicking before you can use it. For example when creating a new adjustment layer there is no focus on any of the value fields, meaning you cannot immediately start typing in values or using the cursor keys. I was used to hitting F11 to make a new Selective Color layer, hitting Command 1 through 9, hitting TAB and entering values. (I know it's Option now, which sucks, but I can live with) I never had to touch the mouse. If the first field in the adjustment layer became highlighted when creating it that would be great. That way when I hit tab focus goes to the next field and not just making all the palettes hide as it does now.

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7 y ago

This is already possible. Just enable "Auto-Select Parameter" from the Properties panel menu.

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No no no!!!! Bugs with CC 2014 exactly that feature. No function key / short-cuts work then anymore. Check it out before...