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Thu, Nov 24, 2011 3:47 PM



Photoshop: Hit area for double-click to change layer name is too small (CS3)

Dear Adobe Gripe #3202

"Okay, before CS3, when I wanted to change the name of a layer, I'd double-click anywhere in that layer's tile that was within the horizontal space the name occupied. Now I have to hit this tiny, tiny area inside the text element itself. Or I accidentally launch the Layer Effects dialog. Again. It wasn't broken, why did you "fix" it?"

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10 y ago

We've tweaked the hit area a bit. I haven't heard this complaint with Photoshop CS5.

One other thought is to use a different method to rename layers:

Rename Layer via a keyboard shortcut

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I have seen some complaints on CS5 as well.

As for why it changed: more things got added to the layer slot that need to recognize double clicks, so you couldn't just click "anywhere" anymore. But apparently we made it too literally restricted to the name and need to allow for a little more margin on the hit area.