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Mon, Jun 6, 2011 4:18 PM


Photoshop: Icc profiles are NOT saved with the other printing settings (printer, paper size, etc...)

In Photoshop CS5 vers. 12.0.4, i profili colore di stampa NON vengono salvati con gli altri parametri di stampa (Stampante, formato carta, ecc.). Per conseguenza, nell’esecuzione di una serie di stampe sullo stesso supporto (quindi con lo stesso profilo colore) occorre riassegnare il profilo ad ogni stampa, il che è assurdo.
Si auspica che, come nella precedente versione di Photoshop, il profilo colore assegnato per una stampante ed un tipo di carta sia salvato con gli altri parametri di stampa come profilo colore corrente.
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6 giugno ’11

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In Photoshop CS5 vers. 12.0.4, printing color profiles are NOT saved with the other printing (printer, paper size, etc...) As a result, the execution of a series of prints on the same medium (ie with the same color profile), you must reassign the profile every time you print, which is absurd. It is hoped that, as in the previous version of Photoshop, the color profile assigned to a printer and a paper type is saved with the other parameters as a profile of printing current color.
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11 y ago

If you are printing out of Photoshop, the profile assigned in the document is its RGB working space. When you print, in the Print dialog, that data is converted upon print to the output color space you select. You would not want that conversion to be applied to the original document (and if you did, you’d use Convert to Profile, then save that data in the new color space).

The options you select in Print ARE sticky if you save the document. Suppose you open a document (Myimage). In Print, you select Photoshop Manages Color, you select a profile, rendering intent etc. You print. Upon closing the document, you will be asked to save. IF you do, the next time you open that document and use Print, the settings you previously used will be applied.