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Fri, Aug 20, 2021 9:20 AM


Photoshop Improvement Suggestions

Okay, I have a couple things that are driving me nuts in Photoshop and I am hoping that you can improve them:

1.) I really like the option to edit my "desktop layout" / how the tools are viewed and I like that they dock in nicely at the side, but I REALLY want to be able to lock this set-up. I drag things around all the time by mistake when I go to actually use the tools.

2.) The new "Save As" vs "Save a Copy" is probably annoying everyone... I understand the reasoning behind this feature, but I just keep clicking the wrong thing out of habit. A lot of the saving features are easy to overlook and sometimes I just wish that I could set presets on how I usually do things - TIFFs w/out layers and "Save for Web" with selectable variables of 72 and 96 dpi (that don't change the resolution of the actual document), etc. My suggestion would be to have one save option in the menu - a window that also pops up with a sensible shortcut and this window should have a nicely designed set of square boxes with informative icons on it... "Save Current Document", "Save As New Document", "Export Copy", "Save For Web", and I would list the (primary) available document types for each category below the description (PNG, JPG, PDF). - I have a feeling that this would solve the issue nicely.  

And in general, and I will keep saying this - I wish you would sync your features and functionalities across products. It is very annoying when the scaling options work differently in Photoshop compared to Illustrator.  Size Note: in illustrator when I make a clipping mask, I want that my scaling of the object affects the vector object and does not stretch the image placed inside (it should reveal the image only, and allow me to adjust how the object is placed within view)...




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1) Upper right corner of the app: New Workspace

2) yes, the whole Save/Export experience is in a terrible place right now and needs to be completely overhauled.