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Tue, Mar 27, 2012 10:14 PM

Photoshop: Instant Search for finding a tool or action in Photoshop

You need to add an instant searching (browsing) for selecting tools in Photoshop. It's really a pain to select something from a menu, spc the tools which are not frequently used. In Windows 7, we have something named "indexed search". You just have to press the Windows key on keyboard and type the name of file you need. Even before you completely type the name of file, it would be listed for you in less than a second. For example you want to open a MP3 file that named "eternity". You just press Windows key on keyboard and type "ete". In same way in Google Chrome, as fast as a ninja! you can press ctrl+L and then type just a few "letters" not even words. Then a short list of instant search result of your whole history and bookmarks available just in a second. You can add this to Adobe products. The short key for instant searching of tools could be one of the "F1 to F12" keys, or even a multi-touch gesture.


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