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Photoshop: Is there a way to save multiple versions of an image?

TypOne thing I miss on Photoshop compared to when I use GIMP is finsalising my images for presentation.

I shoot in RAW, via Adobe Camera Raw I get the phot into Photoshop and edit until the wee small hours. The image is then in 300dpi at whatever size it is. I then make four jpeg versions of this and save them to my hard drive.

The four versions are:

1. Watermarked at 300dpi for printing
2. Watermarked at 72dpi converted to 1024 on the longest side for web.
3. Non-watermarked at 300dpi for printing
4. Non-watermarked at 72dpi converted to 1024 on the longest side for web.

In GIMP, I flattened the image and added my watermark as a new layer. I then ran my script. For instance, if the image was called IMG_8199, I would end up with:

1. IMG_8199_watermark_300dpi.jpeg - flatten layers and save
2. IMG_8199_watermark_72dpi_1024.jpeg - resize and save
3. IMG_8199_nowatermark_300dpi.jpeg - undo resize, hide watermark layer and save
4. IMG_8199_nowatermark_72dpi_1024.jpeg - resize and save

The script would do everything automatically, however in Photoshop, the only thing I can do is make an action to create the watermark layer (F12).
Does anyone know a way of auto creating these?
It's driving me mad.e your question here.

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You could either do this through a Batch (File>Automate>Batch...) or the use of a script like Image Processor Pro.

If you're more savvy, you could look at the scripting API in Photoshop and write a custom script to do exactly what you want.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled File > "Save Multiple" would be nice.

I'd like to see the ability to save an image as multiple file types in an easy way. For instance, If I have an image to deliver to a client and they want it in png, tiff, and jpeg with a small, med, and large version of each, It would be nice to have a File > "Save Multiple" option where a dialogue box would pop up giving the user options such as which file types to save as, what sizes to save them at, and even greyscale options for saving versions as black and white. Ideally this function would save them all in the same location with the same file name, but just appending different things to the name such as "filename_jpg_med" and so on. I haven't been able to find any similar functionality that currently exists, but if you know of a way to accomplish this currently I'd love to hear it.