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Tue, Aug 27, 2013 1:33 AM


Photoshop: LAB to CMYK conversion

I have a question about LAB Color Space. I'm not an expert on color management or printing.

The work flow I've been using is to work in RGB with the Adobe 1998 color profile while using print proofing and galmut warning with a CMYK print profile. Then it gets converted to a CMYK tif at then end using relative colorimetric. My goal is to get the most saturated high contrast colors as possible while still working with printable colors.

I was reading about LAB and wondered if it converts well to CMYK like adobe 1998 RGB or is the color space so big that it doesn't make sense to use it? Would I have to be using 16 bit color for it to work well?

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8 y ago

LAB converts, but you'll probably need to use 16 bits/channel to avoid artifacts.
And working in LAB isn't a great idea - it has it's uses, but RGB is more useful.
And remember that much of the LAB colorspace is values that can't be reproduced by your display or printer.