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Sat, Jul 18, 2020 3:48 PM


Photoshop lagging when switching between tabs/documents

It's been about a month and photoshop is always lagging when I switch between tabs (takes like 2-3 seconds). And this happens even with new empty documents. I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling PS, but nothing worked

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2 y ago

Ahmed:  How much memory is installed in your machine, what kind of machine is it?  Have you ruled out malware (by using a legit antimalware program and not one of the freebies like Avast) How about storage space?

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2 y ago

First go to help in your Photoshop App and select Systeminfo. Copy and Past it here. Then everyone can see what specs your System has. I Could be, that your Graphics card can't handle too much open pictures. And if you don't have an SSD loading times take time like you mentioned (2-3Sec.) for each switch or is your data not local and on a network. For me Photoshop switches fast. Or does it also happen with just small picture and colors like my video. Im on a MacPro2019 and a Vega II duo GPU.

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5 m ago

I'm having this problem, I'm not sure if you're using a Wacom tablet. For me, fully uninstalling the Wacom drivers for my tablet fixed the problem. I worked with a mouse for a while (ewww) and performance was great, until I reinstalled the Wacom drivers. I'm on 2019 16" MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz 8-core with 64GB RAM and AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M 8GB running the latest Photoshop on Mac OS 11.5.1.