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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 3:32 PM


Photoshop: Lasso tool and content aware

When using the lasso tool in the latest update, it fails to select the irregular object chosen and instead replaces it with either an small circle or ellipse which cannot be modified then if one selects delete we get the choice of content aware, if that is selected  the program appears to be working yet when finished nothing was done.  IF I am lucky to get the correct object selected and use content aware, it appears to be a gamble as to what the area is replaced with!  Why must Adobe modify a feature that has been working well for years and replace it with a feature that does not work. An extremely annoyed user!

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1 y ago

It sounds like you're using the Object Selection tool selected (the one that's selected in the screenshot below) rather than the regular lasso tool selected (the tool above the selected tool in the screenshot).

Can you make sure you have the regular lasso tool selected?