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Sun, Feb 16, 2020 9:41 PM

Photoshop: Layer selection shortcuts conflicts (Alt key / zoom to fit), still not fixed

Give us a checkbox in preferences to turn off alt-click layer zoom to fit?

Alt-clicking layer zoom to fit still conflicts with standard pixel masking shortcuts using the alt key and clicking on layer thumbnail.

This is extremely annoying and haven't been fixed in the last two updates.

Anytime a selection is to be masked using either ctrl+alt (remove layer pixels) or ctrl+shift+alt (mask selection within pixels) it also zooms to fit that layer bounds.

It could be solved by not having alt-clicking to zoom active on layer thumbnails but since its generally annoying to zoom whenever you are one pixel of from clicking a clipping mask it would be best to have the option of disabling it altogether. 

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Photoshop: Zooms out while trying to subtract from current selection


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