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Thu, Dec 5, 2019 6:50 PM

Photoshop: Make a brushes/presets searchable. For example, typing 'arrow' should be all I need to do

Can we have a better display for brushes. Make a searchable brush in the app (similar to when you search for an effect in After effects). For example, typing 'arrow' should bring a bunch of arrows to select from.

Other than that. Ace program.

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2 y ago

I think that's actually a pretty neat idea:) +1

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2 y ago

Well, I'll add to it that I'd love it to be searchable, but for anyone not familiar with how AE works,  it can't bring up a bunch of arrows if "arrow" isn't in the name. So we make sure what we want to search on is in the name, and I think it would be really easy to add this to ALL our preset panels. It's pretty old technology, after all.  That and letting us Favorite a preset. Both those features already exist in Fonts. Many of us easily have as many presets as we have fonts.   '-}