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Thu, Dec 12, 2019 9:55 PM

Photoshop Mobile: Charged for subscription even though I have the desktop version

Lots of errors, I have the desktop version, but it still charged me, didn’t charge me for the other Adobe programs, but it definitely charging me for Photoshop even with a subscription.

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2 y ago

So how did it charge you? AFAIK, no app on the iPad can charge you without your consent.

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2 y ago

Hi Catherine,

Looks like you only have a subscription for Photoshop for iPad from the iOS App Store under the email address you've used to log in here. I don't see any other subscriptions under that email. Is it possible the other subscription you have for your desktop version is under a different email address? You can see the email you've used on desktop by going to the help menu. It will say "Sign out...("