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Wed, Aug 18, 2021 8:43 PM


Photoshop needs better tools for Illustrators

Hello, I am currently thinking about switching from Photoshop to Clip Studio, as so many other artists already have) because of the lack of tools found in almost every other app. Specifically photoshop does not have the ruler tools that clip does, such as the radial ruler, the parallel ruler and the concentric circle ruler, which are all near essential for some types of illustration, and would be easy to ad next to the symmetry tool. Clip studio also has a feature called reference layer, where you can designate a layer as a "reference layer" and then select an option on tools like the magic wand to only select from that layer no matter what layer you're on. These features (mainly the rulers) would DEFINATELY make photoshop a better choice as an illustration app over things like Clip and Autodesk. I would love more than anything to be able to use photoshop for an upcoming comic project, but without the rulers, it might be more worthwhile to just switch to another app. thank you for your time!



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5 m ago

yes, most of these tools have been requested for decades now, but i'm not sure they'll ever be added to the application. Photoshop started as a photo-editing application, but soon started to be used by illustrators and painters to create art. Unfortunately, Adobe never responded to the new market by improving and adding tools to assist. For example, the Paint/Fill Bucket hasn't been improved since the 90s and it's one of the tools most used by anyone who does cell-shading/coloring. I don't think Adobe understands just how bad that tool is...