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Mon, Nov 4, 2019 1:50 AM

Photoshop: Next Gen Pen tool

as many many industrial designers (vehicle design), I use photoshop a lot but not the same way a photograph would. 
For my kind of work, the pen tool is a good tool, especially since you introduced the "Curvature Pen tool". It is now much easier to play with the shapes. But I think some features could be added to make it much nicer.
- It would be awesome to be able to trim a path with another - just like in illustrator. My actual workaround to trim paths is time consuming and not very... elegant. 
- Another good feature would be to be able to make rounded corners - just like on the rounded rectangle tool - but on any corner we would select. Example: we could create a triangle, click one of the corners and drag to vary the value of the radius.

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