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Fri, Nov 7, 2014 12:32 PM


Photoshop: Pen pressure is right clicking instead of left clicking

As the title says, when i try to use my pen to left click/draw, it right clicks instead. My pen and tablet act perfectly normal outside of photoshop. I've reinstalled PS as well as my tablet driver yet the same problem still persists. PS is the only program that i have this problem in.

Is there some way to set the hotkeys different? I'm unaware of how to do so if that is all I need to do for a simple fix.

I've never had this problem with PS before so I'm very confused as to what caused it.

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7 y ago

No, Photoshop can't affect that - it just gets the events from the OS (already labeled as normal click or right click).

Something in your tablet driver software or the OS interpretation of tablet events is causing the mismapping of events. Some tablet driver have application specific settings - so start there, then check general tablet settings, and all OS settings related to tablets/stylus/pen input.

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3 y ago

facing same problem from few days

does'nt find any solution HELP!!!!