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Sat, Nov 7, 2015 4:40 PM


Photoshop: Select Layers Under Bar

A bar you can click and slide down on the side of the canvas. Where ever it stops, every visible layer (or not, your choice) that resides on the canvas below that line, becomes chosen no matter the order or mess, present in the Layers Window. {Each layer selected as if they were Command (Control) Clicked selected so you can (v) move them.}
I get Photoshop files from people who do not share my fondness for knowing what they're looking at, expediency or sanity. If you're making a long portrait document, and there are a lot of sections, neat or not, it would be a convenient way to select parts quickly and move them.
A little area in the upper right, left of the Workspace menu with choices like, If an object is above and below? Visible or not? Unlock Background with move?
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