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Mon, Jun 13, 2011 9:28 PM


Photoshop: Smart Undo

Please add a "Smart Undo" for in case you accidentally save over top of a file when you meant to save it as a 2nd version. Otherwise you have to undo until you get back to the original file and then save it, given you have enough undoes to save the current version as a 2nd version.

Hence if you accidentally save over-top a file instead of saving the file as another version this button would allow you to travel back in time so to speak, call that last function back, giving you the opportunity to save it again as a 2nd version while maintaining the original file to be unharmed. (Sometimes making logos for instance I've made 10 different version for a client, and it's very easy to save over a file you didn't meant to.) I guess it would be like a call back action, if that's possible. Thanks!

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10 y ago

The best way to go about this is to simply Revert the file (which undoes everything you have done since opening the file, even if you have surpassed the number of undo's possible, the original state is always available until you close the file). So if you accidentally save over your original file, simply go to File>Revert, resave over the original, then Edit>Undo (to undo the Revert), and save as a new version of the file.