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Fri, Apr 15, 2011 1:16 AM


Photoshop: Store path to last Save for web location for each specific PSD.

When saving a PSD for web, I generally save it to a specific folder - often the same folder as the PSD, but sometimes not.
Rather than defaulting Save for web's path to the path of last document you saved, the path should be included in the PSD's meta-data so you don't always have to navigate to the folder you want to save to.

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11 y ago

YES, I like this idea.

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9 y ago

This makes too much sense.

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8 y ago

Come on Photoshop, 3 years ago this idea was posted and you still have not implemented this action. While export as pdf in InDesign works in the same manner. When are you ever going to reconnect your different program developers and create a more unified group of products!!!