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Wed, Aug 21, 2019 5:36 PM

Photoshop: Swatches panel grid spacing dislike

I've been using photoshop forever it feels...  Recently there has been a change to the swatches panel and it is EXTREMLY distracting to my eyes.  The grid spacing between each color went from 1 pixel to 2 pixels.

This is the latest version I was running I believe before the change happened:
Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.0 20170929.r.165 2017/09/29: 1138933  x64

So much of this software has become customizable by the end user, which is great, HOWEVER some things have been either taken away or adjusted without cause.  If this was something desired by some users (a select few) why change this for ALL users???  I would prefer the spaces 1 pixel or maybe even no spacing between colors.  I use paint manufacturer color sets that have large pallets of graduated colors and this grid between is so distracting.

My idea/suggest:

Wouldn't something like this be easily programmable so that way the user could determine the spacing between swatches...  I am thinking in terms of the new brushes palette functionality of at the bottom there is a slider that adjusts the size of the preview.


I used to use the plugin that allowed me to make my own customized panel and add ANY function as buttons and move them around to create an awesome/fast/personalized/menu!  and that is now gone?!?!?  For example, i used to make a selection of an area and then click A SINGLE BUTTON to expand... now every time in a drawing (and i might that same command 100 times) i have to navigate through select - modify - expand.  While i understand there are keyboard shortcuts that is a very poor answer to someone like me that is visual/menu driven.

so basically, why this sudden change?  and is there a way in future updates to either revert this/adjust this/or something???  Even the new undo function I believe has a way of reverting back to the "old way".

thanks for reading
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