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Thu, Mar 25, 2021 9:14 PM


Photoshop: Unable to Overwrite Images

I've found several threads on various forums about this issue, dating back well over a year. None of them contained a solution to the issue of files being duplicated instead of being overwritten. I heard, but did not see, that Adobe referred to this as a "feature". That can't be true, and upon searching this forum, I seem to find a bunch of threads on the subject, but none are answered.

Since this seems to be a Mac-exclusive issue, I can't see how this could be a "feature". But then you're left to wonder why it has been left unresolved so long. And just because it only occurs on Mac does not mean it is an Apple issue. The software is written by Adobe, and the issue occurred after a Photoshop update, not Mac. 

Has anyone fixed this issue on their own? I am beginning to think the only solutions here will come from the community...

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8 m ago

You are wrong. It is not a ‘feature’, but a bug that is confirmed by Adobe, but caused by a change in the MacOS ‘Save as’ dialog since Catalina. It only occurs if you try to save a layered file as jpeg, and then overwrite an existing jpeg. The reason is that jpeg does not support layers, so the file must be saved as a copy.

The work around till the bug is fixed is to either not use ‘Save as’ but ‘Export as’. Or to flatten the file yourself before you use ‘Save as’. You can undo that afterwards, but that is risky because you could forget that and lose the layered original as a result.