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Tue, Nov 15, 2011 9:56 PM



Photoshop: Why is it so friggin hard to link layers in CS3?

Dear Adobe Gripe #179

Why is it so friggin hard to link layers in CS3?

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10 y ago

Layer linking, prior to Photoshop CS2, was used as a UI convention approximate the ability to select multiple layers. In many cases, it was used a poor crutch to do things that would be much more natural selecting multiple layers or through drag and drop (Like dragging a mask from one layer to another).

We cleaned up many of these behaviors in CS2 and deprecated the linking column to drive users to more elegant, intuitive ways of interacting with elements in the Layers panel.

This was a contentious change at first but as users figured out the new, more intuitive ways of doing things, they realized they didn't need layer linking for overwhelming majority of the tasks they used layer linking for previously.

Layer linking itself does have one unique/good use: maintaining a persistent relationship of discontiguous layers in the layers panel.