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Mon, Aug 15, 2011 12:34 PM



Photoshop: Zoom Tool button Print Size is incorrect by factor 2.54 if Screen resolution pixels/cm is chosen

PS CS5 > Preferences > Units & Rulers > Screen Resolution choosing pixels/cm causes erronous results (picture displays at 1/2.54 dimension of what it should be) for viewing by applying the command Zoom Tool Print Size button, but displays correctly while applying either Zoom Tool right-click menu Print Size or View Print Size. On the other hand, if pixels/inch is specified as units in Screen Resolution all three ways of showing Print Size works correctly. Thus, there seems to be a programming bug for the Zoom Tool Print Size button command when pixels/cm has been chosen in Screen Resolution (specifically, the correction by 2.54 for changing from inch to cm has not been implemented). Five out of six ways work correctly. I suggest you correct the sixth alternative.
Note that all manual measurements were correct while displaying the print size (cm x cm) on the calibrated screen (94.00 pixels/inch, 37.058 pixels/cm), except for the case with pixels/cm and the Zoom Tool button Print Size alternative.
Kind regards,
/Lars Öberg

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10 y ago

Sorry, Lars. That's a bug.