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Wed, Feb 12, 2020 9:34 PM

Photoshop/Photoshop Mobile: Provide option to disable auto-saving when closing a file if working with Could Document files

When storing a file in the cloud and working with that file in Photoshop there is an unconfigurable setting that automatically saves the file when the file is closed. This is completely at odds with how older Photoshop users expect file saving to occur (with a dialogue box confirming the changes). 

I've been informed that apparently this is 'expected' behavior of cloud services, however this is not expected behavior of Photoshop. Providing a configuration checkbox to turn this off under File Management preferences  which would cause a dialogue box confirming whether or not to save any changes since the last save would go a long way toward me and my team actually using the cloud storage, currently it is useless as we cannot demo changes on the spot and destroy them (especially since step back was removed).


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2 y ago

I agree, and have autosaved so many pictures with errors. This is why I tend always to work on a copy version and always have my cloud files as copies.

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2 y ago

How come the big brains at Adobe cant even see this auto saving is nonsense and could put us in trouble. Rookie programing.

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1 y ago

If this were truly "expected behavior," why do native Microsoft Office apps have this disabled by default... and display a one-click toggle switch on each window?

"Undoing" is as equally unreliable and limited as it is tedious, and saving everything as a copy is just absurd. Consider this new workflow for the latter:

Let's say I want to edit a file called A.psdc

  1. I first open A.psdc
  2. Before making any changes, I must now do Save As A_temp.psdc
  3. I make my adjustments
  4. I decide to stick with the changes, so I do Save As and overwrite A.psdc
  5. must now do Save As again and overwrite A_temp.psdc to target that file and resume work
  6. Carefully repeat steps 3-5 for each subsequent save, entailing about six dialog boxes
  7. Delete the _temp.psdc file when done as it is now just a complete waste of storage

I'm sorry, I genuinely like the idea of .psdc, but this just totally negates whatever benefits it's trying to provide. Auto-saving for Photoshop really only makes sense for very simple files or ones you've just created. 


After a little more digging, I'm fairly convinced this whole feature is centered around collaboration and real-time updates across different apps. In that context its frustrating behavior does make more sense.

That said, I see no compelling reason to use this service over the traditional Creative Cloud files whatsoever. The collaboration feature this is centered around has yet to materialize, presumably because they still don't know how to actually implement it.

In the meantime, we're now stuck with a very inadequate and confusing feature. Take the "unsaved" * indicator, for instance.

Anyone who has ever used Photoshop before knows this means the file has changed and needs to be explicitly saved to keep them. But when it comes to .PSDC, that's all out the door. Changes are actually being saved instantly and the * indicates nothing. Go figure.